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Design Your Tank Bottom Cathodic Protection System in Minutes

This free productivity tool enables you to quickly design your tank bottom cathodic protection system in 3 easy steps.

  • 1. Enter your contact information.
  • 2. Enter specifications for your above ground storage tank and installation environment. When your'e ready for a sure to check the quote box.
  • 3. The app delivers your detailed tank ring anode cathodic protection system design specifications to the email address provided in Step 1. If you've requested a quote, you will receive it within about 48 hours.

A fast AST cathodic protection system design and quote enables MATCOR to quickly manufacture an accurate, reliable impressed current cathodic protection system for your above ground storage tank application.

This ease-of-use and quick response philosophy is consistent with MATCOR's Tank Ring Anode System,
which utilizes patented Kynex® waterproof connection technology,
and is safe and easy to install in a matter of hours.